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Learn the tools to manage and lead yourself for maximized living.

Welcome to "Adulting"

The Self Leadership 101 program was created to help you learn all the personal and professional skills needed to maximize your life at work and home. It is great for recent graduates navigating from college-to-career or people who have been wandering through adulthood and ready to take control of their life. 

The program provides education and coaching to create a life vision, manage your resources of time and money, lead without a title, and communicate with anyone which will set you up to get the most out of life!

For Early Career professionals - the first 5-10 years after college will significantly impact the following 20-30 years. If you learn to manage your time and money early on, they'll only work harder for you later on instead of trying to correct the mistakes you made right out of college. When you learn to communicate with your boss and coworkers, you'll find greater success in your career.

In order to lead others, you have to lead yourself well. Why not learn the necessary self leadership skills and put them to practice now.

A Message from Nicolai

If you know me, you know my mission in life is to help people live on purpose. I am obsessed with personal growth and challenging others to always improve themselves. I wish there was a Self Leadership program when I graduated from college. I could have avoided so many time, financial, and career mistakes. I am determined to help everyone who is ready to get set up on the right track to live an intentional life. So, if you're serious about getting intentional with your life, seeking opportunities to succeed at work, and wanting to pursue your own personal goals, be sure to sign up!

- Nicolai 

The Program

Learn Self Leadership Tools to Go Further Faster

Leadership and Self
  • What is a Leader?

  • Self Awareness

  • Self Knowledge

  • Your Unique Ability

  • Traits of Highly Effective Leaders

Intro to Leadership

and Self Knowledge

Vision and Goals
  • What is Vision

  • Creating a Personal Vision

  • Priorities

  • SMART Goals

Personal Vision

and Goal Setting

Time Management
  • Scheduling

  • Time Blocking

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Your Perfect Week

  • How to Tell Your Boss "No"

Time Management

Personal Finance
  • Budgeting Tips

  • Debt Payoff

  • Saving for Emergencies

  • Planning for Retirement

Personal Finance

  • Verbal Communication

  • Non-Verbal Communication

  • Email Do's and Don'ts

  • How to Connect with Anyone

Communication Skills

How to Lead When You're

Not in Charge

Lead from the Start
  • Know yourself
  • Lead yourself
  • Trust
  • Courage
  • Attitude

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The Ideal Member

New Graduate up to 8 years of experience

Go-getter and self starter

Someone obsessed with continued development

Someone who will encourage other group members in their pursuits

Members of our Programs Have been Employed By:



Burgess & Niple


Aztec Engineering




And Many More!





Self Leadership 101 Guarantee

Our goal with Engineering YOU is to help you design and intentionally live out your best life. We equip you with tools to manage your resources, pursue your personal goals, and succeed at work. We want you to truly change the way you spend your time and money, live intentionally, turn your dreams into reality, and use your skills to help others. Our entire mission is to help you succeed in every area of life. We're so confident that we're going to surpass your expectations that we offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. We’re not looking to simply help people get by, we’re looking to help them live their life to the fullest.

If any member attends all the meetings, participates in the monthly coaching calls, but isn't blown away with the value, we will give you a full refund. The members must fully complete and participate in the program in order to request the refund. There is literally no risk!


“I feel like my confidence has increased in the past few weeks ... and I’m finally seeing an example of how my well-rounded background can benefit me.”


“Nicolai is an incredible mentor and group leader. The information he provides has helped me focus my growth as a leader in several areas."


“I loved how open and genuine the group was, in particular I really enjoyed the encouragement at the end of our sessions."


Upcoming Programs

No upcoming events at the moment
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