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Continue to Level Up with Like-Minded Leaders

Becoming a Strong Leader Does Not Happen Overnight

You graduated a few years ago and are growing in your field. You are ambitious, motivated, driven, and have a vision for where you want to go but you still don't have a manager title. Or maybe you just became a manager and people are looking for you to lead them.


As you grow in your career, your responsibilities continue to  increase and you're expected to perform at a higher level. You're ready for the challenge but notice your life outside of work is slipping. You might give up your social time with friends and family or even give up your hobbies. You find that your work-life balance is  completely gone.


How do you still do everything that is important to you if you're dedicating everything you have to your job?

How can you grow into the leader that you are expected to be when you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed?

The Emerging Leaders Program is the solution. It will help you identify and focus on what matters most. It will provide monthly discussions to grow alongside like-minded leaders and push each other to keep up the good work. You'll leave each meeting and end each coaching call rejuvenated to tackle your work day and personal goals.

A Message from Nicolai

Once I got my feet under me a few years out of college, I was moving fast. The problem was that I was moving so fast I didn't know what was happening. I had to rely on my auto-pilot except I hadn't programmed it to take care of anything. I had plenty of ambition and drive but what I really needed was a group to help keep me accountable and run alongside with.

The Emerging Leaders program brings together like minded individuals who are going to push and encourage each other. The monthly meeting provide monthly encouragement to do better at work and home. We learn from each other and discuss what has worked or not worked for others.

- Nicolai 

The Program

Refine your leadership skills to bring greater value to those around you

YEL Nov2019.jpg

Emerging Leaders Meeting November 2019

Upcoming Schedule

Here's our future discussion topic list.

2023 Topics
The Power of Routine
How to Simplify Your Life
Emotional Intelligence
Beyond SMART Goals

Be More Present and Engaged at Work & Home
Dealing with Multigenerations at Work
Strategy for a Path to Management
How to Coach Others
Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Each month we explore a specific topic. Topic examples: Life Planning, Emotional Intelligence, The Importance of Gratitude, Productivity, Generational Differences, etc. Some topics may be new to you and some may be great reminders to start implementing again.

Leadership Discussions

Receive monthly accountability from like-minded go-getters like yourself who will push you to go further in your career and pursue your personal goals. Learn from their experiences and share your own at the meetings.

Small Group Accountability

Cost: $597 first 6 months,

 $397 (membership renewal)

$75 One-time Guest Pass

Between each meeting, we will schedule a coaching call with you. We will push and encourage you to make progress on your goals and bring greater value to your work. We will ask you questions to help you focus on what is important and continue to pursue growth and success.

Monthly Coaching

Apply for Emerging Leaders

Apply For Our Program

Thanks for applying! We will reach out shortly to give you details about the program.

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The Ideal Member

4-15yrs out of college

Self-starter, upcoming leader at work

Members of our Programs Have been Employed By:



Burgess & Niple


Aztec Engineering




And Many More!





Emerging Leaders Guarantee

Our goal with Engineering YOU is to help you design and intentionally live out your best life. We equip you with tools to manage your resources, pursue your personal goals, and succeed at work. We want you to truly change the way you spend your time and money, live intentionally, turn your dreams into reality, and use your skills to help others. Our entire mission is to help you succeed in every area of life. We're so confident that we're going to surpass your expectations that we offer a Satisfaction Guarantee. We’re not looking to simply help people get by, we’re looking to help them live their life to the fullest.

If any member attends a meeting but did not feel they received significant value from the topic, they can get one month added to their membership. Just email us to let us know and we'll make it right. There is literally no risk!


“I feel like my confidence has increased in the past few weeks ... and I’m finally seeing an example of how my well-rounded background can benefit me.”


“Nicolai is an incredible mentor and group leader. The information he provides has helped me focus my growth as a leader in several areas."


“I loved how open and genuine the group was, in particular i really enjoyed the encouragement at the end of our sessions."


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