This FREE Trial meeting held on Thursday December 5, 2019 allows potential members to experience a typical EngYOU meeting before signing up for the official Early Career Development program.

The topic discussed at This Trial meeting will be all about Retirement and Investing. Nicolai's experience as a Financial Coach will help inspire meeting attendees to pay off their debts, save for emergencies, and start dreaming and saving for retirement. Retirement can be a scary thing early in your career because it is SO FAR away! We will discuss the importance of starting early and what to look for when choosing specific investments.

This meeting is 100% FREE and we will even buy your coffee! The return on your 2 hour investment could be HUGE depending on how you change your retirement strategy after the meeting. We hope to see you there!

Space is limited so register soon! If you are ready to sign up for the  next official  Early Career Development program starting in January 2020, you can also register for that above.