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Get Out of Debt, Save for Emergencies, Build Wealth, and Create a Plan for Your Money

My Financial Story

I graduated college with student loans. I had almost $30k in credit card debt and a car loan. I never learned to budget or was specifically warned about debt. I made $48k per year but was trying to live the same lifestyle as my parents who made twice as much.


After I got married, I hid our financial situation from my wife. I always replied with "we're fine". I kept opening new credit cards and transferring the balances to stay afloat. I was freaking out and had no idea what to do. Luckily, we found a course called Financial Peace University which taught us what to do and helped us create a plan.


We paid off $149,000 in debt and saved $25k for emergencies. We budget every month, save for retirement, give at least 10% of our income away, and have enough left over to have lots of fun. I even took a $20,000 pay cut in order to focus more time on my family while I have young kids.


This course was so life changing for us, I trained in Nashville to become a Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach in 2014. Since then, I have walked alongside hundreds of families to help them learn how to handle money and create their own plan.

If you struggle with budgeting or paying off your debt, have extra margin each month but don't have a plan, or feel you're doing "OK" but know you could be doing so much better; click the link below to set up a free consultation to talk about your life and your money.

How it Works


FREE Consultation

Fill out the form below to connect with me and schedule your FREE Consultation. Check out the FAQ's below to learn more about how that works.


Select a plan and schedule

If we decide we are a good fit during your FREE Consultation, you will choose a Coaching Option below and schedule your Initial Strategy Meeting.


Fill out A Financial snapshot

You will receive an online profile containing various forms. Fill out these forms at least 24 hours before our Initial Strategy Meeting. We will use this information to discuss strategy and develop a personal plan for you.


initial strategy meeting

We will schedule an in-person or video call Initial Strategy Meeting. This meeting will take up to 2 hours depending on your questions and complexity of your situation. We will develop a personal plan with immediate action steps for you to start working on right away.



I will follow up weekly via text, or bi-weekly via phone call (whichever you prefer) to see what progress is being made on your action steps. We'll discuss your budget, savings, spending difficulties, debt payoff, etc. during this time.

Coaching Options

FinCoach Options

Reach out for a FREE Consultation

What Topics Are You Looking For?

Thanks for reaching out! We will respond shortly to give you details about scheduling your FREE Consultation.

FREE Consultation


"Thanks for taking the time to dream with us and help us create our own plan! We felt so energized the next morning after our meeting."

- Matt

"I literally felt hopeless before we met. I couldn't remove myself from my situation to see that I actually have options. Thanks for helping me see that I do have hope for my situation."

- Ashley

"I didn't think I could ever be debt free but here I am less than a year later and I don't owe any payments to anyone!"

- Jessica

  • Why did you create the Emerging Leaders Program?
    I have always been a go-getter and self-starter. I knew I could outwork anyone in the room but I always felt like I needed some help. My goal with the EL program is to give high achievers a forum to grow together and push each other to be high performers. It gives them monthly encouragement and energy to tackle their work and bring more value to those around them.
  • What happens when I sign up?
    After your application is reviewed, you will be notified if a seat is available or if you have been added to the waiting list. Applicants will be accepted into the program in the order that we receive the applications. Once accepted, you'll receive a link to an online profile where you will keep coaching call notes, your goals, and anything else that helps you through the program. You'll receive an invoice for the program, get started at the next meeting, and schedule your monthly coaching call. Welcome to the program!
  • When are the meetings and coaching sessions?
    The monthly meetings will be held on a consistent day of the month, i.e. the 2nd Tuesday of each month. They are typically scheduled from 7-9am but as more groups are added, other times may become available. The coaching phone calls will be scheduled 2-3 weeks after each meeting. You can select the best day and time that works for you.
  • What can I expect from the monthly coaching?
    Between each monthly meeting, we will schedule a coaching call for each member individually. During this call, we will discuss how you've been implementing the material we discussed and challenge you to pursue your goals, increase your performance, and bring greater value to those around you.
  • What if I miss a monthly meeting?
    We understand your schedule may cause you to miss a meeting. If that happens, we will add up to one additional meeting to your membership.
  • What happens if I leave the company who paid for me to attend?
    We understand people change companies. We feel people should do everything in their power to work out the issue before leaving. If you find yourself leaving the company who paid for your membership, the best thing to do in this case is to offer to pay your company back.
FinCoach FAQ

"Completion of Ramsey Solutions Financial Coach Master Series Training does not create an employment or agency relationship with Ramsey Solutions or its affiliates; it does not constitute a license or credentials to engage in legal, tax, accounting, investment or other professional services; nor does it constitute an endorsement or recommendation of the Coach by Dave Ramsey."

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