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February 2020

Wow, another month has come to an end. Each month I take a moment to reflect and evaluate a number of things. I also preview and plan for the next month. I highly encourage everyone to make some time for this exercise. I plan to share my own monthly summaries with you each month as an example of what to do.

REVIEW - February:

My biggest wins that I am celebrating this month?

  • I submitted a project for permitting. This project has been a part of my life for almost 2 years so it felt great to finally close that chapter.

  • I took a few days off work and golfed… a LOT! Work has been fairly overwhelming for a couple of months but I took some time to recover and relax. It felt good to reset.

  • I finished two books! Die Empty and High Performing Habits.

A new thing I learned or tried this month?

I’m learning about Instagram tips and tricks. Well, my wife is learning but she is teaching me. I’m not the biggest fan of social media but I know it will help me reach more people in the future. Using it is out of my comfort zone but I also think this is an area I can get some help with.

My biggest pothole from this month?

My biggest struggle was wasting time on video games. Whenever I get overwhelmed with too much work or stretching myself too thin, I tend to find everything else I can do that is not what I should be doing. Can you relate? I played about 6 hours of video games per week in February. That is more than I played in the past 6 months combined and it totaled 24 hours of lost time. Ouch!

How balanced did I feel and what could be done to improve?

  • Career/Hustle - near perfect. Career is going great! Hit all my deadlines. EngYOU is running 3 groups with 20 total people right now. I need to keep promoting for future groups.

  • Relationships - near perfect. My wife and I kept our date night every week. Time with kids suffered early in the month but I was intentional with the time I was with them.

  • Health - mental/spiritual is great. Physical health could use some improvement. I only averaged 2 gym visits per week this month.

  • Personal Growth - perfect. I averaged 2.5 hrs per week of reading.

  • Finances - perfect. We stuck to our budget and threw $4,000 towards retirement. We had some extra money from January and invested our entire tax return.

  • Hobbies/Fun/Adventure - perfect. I spent a lot of time on hobbies this month. Maybe too much...

How would I rate my progress towards my goals?

I felt fairly “balanced” this month but I did not put much extra effort to pursue my big goals. I would rate my progress as a 4 out of 10. Staying focused and efficient with my extra time will help me increase this rating.

PREVIEW - March:

What 2-3 things am I most excited for the upcoming month?

  • I have two presentations I am giving in March. I am super excited about that because it will help me grow my public speaking skills.

  • I may also attend a conference in Austin, TX which would be great.

What is my biggest potential pothole?

The biggest thing I will need to watch out for is over-committing. I have a lot going on around me and I know I’ll be asked to do additional things. Saying “no” to people so I can focus on the “right” things will be key.

What 1-3 things can I focus on to make the upcoming month more successful?

  • Saying “no”

  • Solid networking

  • Don’t waste the margin in my schedule

What 1-3 actions can I do to advance my goals this month?

  • Get to the gym 4x per week.

  • Put $1,500 to investments

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