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Preparing YOU for the pressures of adulthood

Why engineering YOU

You've got the degree, you've got the job. Now what? Maybe you feel like I did, lost and overwhelmed, expected to have it all figured out, but no idea where to start? We take out the guesswork. 

We'll coach you to successfully manage your finances, reclaim hours every week, communicate clearly with your boss and team, and lead where you are.  

Choose Your Path

Early Career Development

I'm just getting started.

Young Emerging Leaders

I've mastered the basics and looking to continually level up.

Financial Coaching

I want to create a plan for my money

Life Planning

I want to clarify my mission and vision and bring it to life.

Meet Nicolai

Leadership Coach, Financial Coach

Nicolai began his career as a Civil Engineer in 2008. He designed roadways to get people safely and efficiently from A-to-B. Since then, he's discovered his love for helping people create a clear vision for their future and reverse engineer a plan to help them live out their best life.

He specializes in helping people identify what matters most to them and encouraging them to achieve their personal and professional goals. He became a financial coach in 2014 and started coaching young leaders in 2017.

He takes great pride in the progress and success of his clients, and looks forward to working with you.

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The Early Career Development Program

Set up your career and life for early success.

You've graduated... now what? You are book smart but do you know how you uniquely contribute to your team? What are you going to do with this new, awesome salary?

Your early career is a difficult time and living through it is often described as "surviving". That's why we've created this program to help you THRIVE through your early years and set up the following decades for huge success.

The Young Emerging Leaders Program

Leadership skills take years to develop. Why not grow and strengthen them before you need them most?

Many managers are promoted due to technical experience, but are only able to thrive in a management position if they have the proper leadership skills. Not all managers have learned essential leadership skills prior to filling the position and these skills do not grow overnight. We created the Young Emerging Leaders program to give go-getters monthly accountability and opportunities to learn and practice their leadership skills as early as possible. We surround ourselves with other like-minded emerging leaders to grow with each other and push each other forward.

Financial Coaching

I've been coaching families to get a handle on their finances since 2014. I've worked with engineers, doctors, teachers, salesmen, lawyers, and single-working parents. 

Whether you make $30k or $300k, by creating and sticking to a financial plan, you will realize the full potential of your income. That is where I come in.

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Reading & Leading Book Club

We LOVE reading books and hope everyone learns to prioritize it! So, we created a FREE book club to help young professionals learn to build this habit of reading books and grow alongside others on a similar journey.

Taylor S.

I left each meeting feeling refreshed and excited to take on the next opportunities at work.


Kalli W.

I feel like I have the tools and the knowledge to be successful in my career and lead a more well-rounded lifestyle.

Bennett C.

As someone fresh out of college, a lot of order has been brought into my life where it wasn't before.

Life Planning

What do you want to get out of life?

What do you want to be remembered for?

What do you want to leave behind?

Who do you want to help?

How am I going to do these things?

We discover all these questions and many more when we sit 1-on-1 and create a plan for your life. 

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