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April 2020

Wow, another month has come to an end and this one was a doozy! If the pandemic didn't affect you in any way, you must be superhuman. Each month I take a moment to reflect and evaluate a number of things. I also preview and plan for the next month. I highly encourage everyone to make some time for this exercise. I share my own monthly summaries with you each month as an example of what to do. You can download your own Reflection Template by subscribing to my newsletter!


My biggest wins that I am celebrating this month?

  • I crushed my reading goal! My typical goal is 2.5hrs/wk. I was closer to 4hrs/wk which is great for me! I also spent about 15 hours total in my own personal development through courses, podcasts, etc.

  • I hosted an online lunch-n-learn for a young professional group at a civil engineering company!

  • I wrapped up preparation for a new book club and financial video series that will launch in May.

A new thing I learned or tried this month?

I was forced to work from home the entire month. I don’t typically do that so there was a big learning curve. The first few days were pretty easy, then it became difficult, but by the end of the month I felt like a seasoned veteran.

My biggest pothole from this month?

I really struggled to keep up my daily "move" goal. I typically visit the gym multiple times per week. I did not make it a priority to get up and move at least 30 minutes every day and I can actually feel the lower energy because of it.

How Balanced did I feel and what could be done to improve?

  • Career/Hustle - 9/10. I am proud of my responsiveness and service, especially while working from home.

  • Relationships - 9/10. I had increased time at home with the kids that went really great. Of course there are struggles but overall I think we had a great time. I reached out to some friends to connect with this month. And we kept our weekly date nights even if they were spent at home.

  • Health - 7/10. Mental, emotional, and spiritual health is in a good spot. Physical health was not a priority but it SHOULD be.

  • Personal Growth - 10/10. I rocked this category this month and am fired up to keep it going.

  • Finances - 9/10. We invested $1,500 as soon as we got our COVID relief check. Of course the check didn't hurt but we were able to replenish some of our emergency fund that we had to dip into.

  • Hobbies/Fun/Adventure - 8/10. This doesn't take a lot of energy to feel balanced in this area but I went golfing a couple of times and it was great! I shot my best round ever too!

How would I rate my progress towards my goals?

I advanced every goal I set for myself this month except for my “move” goal. That’s not too bad!


What 2-3 things am I most excited for the upcoming month?

  • The new LIVE Financial Video Series

  • The new book club

  • My upcoming Early Career Development group

What is my biggest potential pothole?

Overspending. As I start to go back to work at an office, I know I will naturally want to eat out a lot more frequently which will cut into my budget. Using cash for eating out will really help.

What 1-3 things can I focus on to make the upcoming month more successful?

  • Listening to Audiobooks while I start to commute again.

  • Making my 30 minutes of movement my first priority in the day

  • Investing as soon as I get the 3rd paycheck this month

What 1-3 actions can I do to advance my goals this month?

  • Get active 30min per day, even if that’s just a walk

  • $1,500 to retirement investments

  • Read 2.5hrs/week

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