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Dream Where You Want to Go, Create a Plan How to Get There

Win at Work. Succeed in Life.

Short term wins can happen to anyone. Long term continued success takes intentional focus and planning.

I believe the only way to succeed is intentionally. Nobody drifts into true greatness, you have to do it on purpose.

A Message from Nicolai

We are all meant to do more than work, sleep, and die. We all have unique skills and abilities. We all have our own dreams and definition of success. The problem is that we graduate college, survive those first few years, and then when we finally lift our heads up it's 20-30 years later. I have heard this same story from far too many people. If everyone warns you that life gets faster and faster the older you get, shouldn't we live intentionally and work towards our own definition of success?

Life Planning is a powerful tool. I consider myself blessed to have been introduced to it so young. One of my missions is to inspire as many people as possible to live out a life on purpose and pursuing what is important to them. Whether we work together or not, I hope you at least make a decision to happen to life and stop letting it happen to you.

- Nicolai 

The Program

Learn Self Leadership Tools to Go Further Faster

Leadership and Self
  • What is a Leader?

  • Self Knowledge

  • Your Unique Ability

Intro to Leadership

and Self Knowledge

Vision and Goals
  • What is Vision

  • Creating a Personal Vision

  • Priorities

  • SMART Goals

Personal Vision

and Goal Setting

Time Management
  • Scheduling

  • Time Blocking

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Your Ideal Week

Time Management

Personal Finance
  • Budgeting Tips

  • Debt Payoff

  • Saving for Emergencies

  • Planning for Retirement

  • White LinkedIn Icon
  • White Twitter Icon
  • White Google+ Icon

Personal Finance

  • Verbal Communication

  • Non-Verbal Communication

  • Emails

  • How to Connect with Anyone

Communication Skills

How to Lead When You're

Not in Charge

Lead from the Start
  • Trust
  • Courage
  • The Why
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