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Goal Setting Strategies

for a Successful 2021!

2020 sucked, BUT 2021 doesn't have to!

Join us for a FREE webinar on Tuesday 12/15/20 to learn how to turn things around in 2021. Discover goal setting strategies to get back on track and leave 2020 in the dust. 

This virtual event is 100% FREE and open to anyone.

Whether 2020 derailed you and you want to get back on track,  you're tired of living aimlessly and ready to make a plan, or maybe you just want to learn everything you can to live a well-rounded intentional life,

we hope to see you there!

In this event, we will cover:

- How to Celebrate 2020 (I'll share how I am celebrating my struggle with mental health)

- How to move forward with optimism and determination

- How to set meaningful goals (lets go beyond SMART goals)

- How to celebrate progress vs outcome

Goal Setting Strategies for 2021
Goal Setting Strategies for 2021
Dec 15, 2020, 7:00 AM MST
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