EngineeringYOU FAQ

Why does EngineeringYOU exist?

Nicolai spent his early career years struggling to survive the workplace and figuring out this thing called "adulting". He made a lot of mistakes along the way and wants to help young professionals avoid those mistakes. He wants people to learn how to use their skills, time, and money to intentionally live out their best life.

Is EngineeringYOU only for engineers?

Definitely not! The programs and coaching would help any person in any career field. It's called EngineeringYOU because we used to solve and design engineering projects and now we help people like you design and live out their best life.

What programs and services do you offer?

We offer Financial Coaching, Leadership Coaching, and Life Planning Services. Check out our various pages on the website to learn more.

What if I can't afford it?

Honestly, you can't afford not to work with us. We've priced the programs so low that any recent graduate or young professional could pay for it. You'll receive at least 10x the value you paid for your membership. Most memberships in our leadership programs are now covered by employers. Companies are finding that well-rounded employees who learn to not only take care of themselves but also bring more value to the workplace is worth the investment. I encourage you to ask your manager to fully or partially cover the programs.

For companies - Why should I pay for my employee to take the program?

Most employees are disengaged at work. They struggle to focus on the job. They are broke or struggle with money which causes stress and reduced productivity. They don't know how to effectively communicate in the workplace with their team or their boss. If your employees grow in ANY of these areas (which I am confident they will grow in multiple) then they will be more productive and effective at work. They will bring more value to you and your clients which will save both time and money for the company. Employees who have been covered by their employers typically feel valued and invested in. They tend to have more commitment to their company which reduces costly turnover.

Early Career Development FAQ

Why did you create the Early Career Development Program?

I created the program that I wish I had right out of college. I didn't learn about goals, personal finance, or work-place communication when I was in college. I made so many mistakes that cost me big. I spent years fixing some of my shortfalls. I created the ECD program so future graduates and new career employees could avoid the same mistakes I made. I created the program so they could learn and practice the necessary leadership skills to thrive in their careers and pursue what matters most to them outside of work.

What can I expect from the monthly coaching?

Expect to be challenged. Expect to increase your performance and be kept accountable to your goals. You'll be encouraged on your progress and pushed to go further.

What happens when I sign up?

You'lle receive a welcome email and link to your personal online profile. At the first meeting you'll receive a 3-ring binder where you'll insert the handouts from each meeting. After the first meeting, we will schedule your monthly coaching calls.

What if I miss a meeting?

If schedules allow, you can make up to one meeting during your 6-month program. If you truly care about your personal and professional development, you'll make these meetings a priority each month.

What happens if I leave the company who paid for me to attend?

We understand moving companies happens from time to time. If you leave a company who paid for your membership, you should do the right thing and offer to pay them back.

What happens if I’m not satisfied with the program?

We believe that you'll receive at least 10X the value from our program than you paid for it. If you attend every meeting and participate in the monthly coaching calls and are not completely satisfied, we will refund you or your company the registration fee. There's no risk for signing up for the ECD program. If you're not more than satisfied, we'll refund your money.

Young Emerging Leaders FAQ

Why did you create the Young Emerging Leaders Program?

I have always been a go-getter and self-starter. I knew I could outwork anyone in the room but I always felt like I needed some help. My goal with the YEL program is to give high achievers a forum to grow together and push each other to be high performers. It gives them monthly encouragement and energy to tackle their work and bring more value to those around them.

What can I expect from the monthly coaching?

Between each monthly meeting, we will schedule a coaching call for each member individually. During this call, we will discuss how you've been implementing the material we discussed and challenge you to pursue your goals, increase your performance, and bring greater value to those around you.

What happens when I sign up?

After your application is reviewed, you will be notified if a seat is available or if you have been added to the waiting list. Applicants will be accepted into the program in the order that we receive the applications. Once accepted, you'll receive a link to an online profile where you will keep coaching call notes, your goals, and anything else that helps you through the program. You'll receive an invoice for the program, get started at the next meeting, and schedule your monthly coaching call. Welcome to the program!

When are the meetings and coaching sessions?

The monthly meetings will be held on a consistent day of the month, i.e. the 2nd Tuesday of each month. They are typically scheduled from 7-9am but as more groups are added, other times may become available. The coaching phone calls will be scheduled 2-3 weeks after each meeting. You can select the best day and time that works for you.

What if I miss a monthly meeting?

We understand your schedule may cause you to miss a meeting. If that happens, we will add up to one additional meeting to your membership.

What happens if I leave the company who paid for me to attend?

We understand people change companies. We feel people should do everything in their power to work out the issue before leaving. If you find yourself leaving the company who paid for your membership, the best thing to do in this case is to offer to pay your company back.

Financial Coaching FAQ

How Does the Consultation Work?

During the FREE Consultation we will discuss your unique story and financial situation. I will briefly describe my background and answer any questions you may have. If we mutually agree that we are a good fit, we will discuss ways to work together. The consultation should only take about 10-15 minutes.

How Does Financial Coaching Work?

Financial Coaching is very simple. - After you book and purchase your service, you will receive an online profile with various forms to fill out. These forms will take between 30 minutes and 2 hours to fill out depending on how well you document your finances. These forms will need to be completed 24hrs prior to our scheduled meeting or we will need to reschedule - We will meet for up to 2 hours on the scheduled meeting date. We will discuss your snapshot and goals. We will create action items for you to follow after the meeting. - After our meeting, I will follow up each week to keep you accountable and answer questions for the length of service you purchased.

How is the 1 Month option different than the 3 Month option?

The 1 month option is 1 month. The 3 month option is 3 months. hahahaha. - In all seriousness, it is the same initial meeting and weekly accountability, but we will schedule one 30-60min check in phone call for both month 2 and 3 for the 3 Month option.

Should I sign up for the 1 or 3 Month Option?

It depends on your situation. For a simple action plan, 1-month is probably all you need. If you've never learned to control your money, budget, pay off debt, etc you MIGHT want to consider the 3-month option for the longer accountability and access. If you want to try the 1-month option and upgrade to the 3-month as our time is ending together, I can easily accept that.

What if I miss a Coaching Session?

I'll allow one reschedule for difficult situations. If you can't commit to a meeting, you might want to consider not signing up. I love everyone, but I've worked with too many people who aren't ready for coaching. I would encourage you to save your money until you are ready to commit.

Can I get my money back?

There are no refunds for the Financial Coaching programs. Only sign up if you are 100% committed to making a change. I can give you the most amazing tips, tricks, and plan but it will not do the work for you. You have to be committed to do the hard work.

Do I Need To Do The Consultation Before Officially Registering?

It is definitely not a requirement, but I highly encourage it. Maybe you have an extremely simple fix and we can save you money and both our time. The consultation also helps me interview YOU to see if you are ready.

I have financial problems, why do I need to pay for coaching?

You have to determine if you're ready to actually make a life change. Signing up for free programs typically leads to putting less effort into it. If you're finally tired of staying where you are, you'll find a way to pay for the coaching. There is no guarantee, but most families discover $200-$300/month worth of reduced expenses during our first meeting which leads to $2,400-$3,600 savings the first year. That doesnt even include the debt interest you'll save by paying debts off sooner or the incredible wealth you'll build by investing earlier.

I'm embarrassed or scared of my situation, will I feel judged by you during coaching?

Absolutely not! If you read my story above, you'll have seen I made my fair share of mistakes. That doesnt even include the other dozen bone-headed decisions I made. There's absolutely no judgement here because I've probably done the same thing. I tell all of my clients, "it is your money. As long as you're not spending it on hookers or crack, there's no judgement from me!"