Fernando Ceballos



A Civil Engineer by profession and Leadership Coach by choice.

My mission is to educate, serve and influence more community leaders that are passionate about driving change in their respective industry. 


As a leadership coach, I train and empower leaders and organizations to solve their problems, overcome obstacles and reach their goals. By applying practical experience-based solutions to complex problems, I am able to help train and consult my clients to create strategies for their individual or group problems. 

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So what do you do? The infamous question we all sometimes struggle to answer...I'm I an engineer, a coach, a "podcaster", a husband or a community leader. Regardless of the title I may share, my WHY doesn't change. I am someone who truly enjoys helping others either through my technical background and "wisdom" I have gained through the life I have lived. I am a first-generation American & college grad from South Texas. I graduated from Texas A&M University in 2013 with a degree in Civil Engineering and received my P.E. license in 2018.

Some of the big inflection points of my journey include:

  • Navigating life with Dyslexia

  • Growing up below the poverty-line

  • Graduating with no money and high credit-card debt

  • Finding my voice as a leader

Now in 2021, I am a Project Manager for the Commercial Land Development team for a top 100 Consulting Firm in Texas and co-host the Dealing with Life Stuff Podcast.

I am on a mission to help future and current STEM professionals find their value to land on a path to a fruitful career and not a job.

How I can help you

At EngineeringYOU, we equip and encourage professionals to design and intentionally live out their best life. I help overwhelmed high achievers learn to discover and live out their priorities, keep their heads up for opportunities to serve others,  succeed at work, and live an overall balanced life.

Our Leadership Development Programs are designed to help you learn leadership skills and keep you accountable along the way. We've all attended conferences where they pack loads of great information into a 3-day event and then let you go on your merry way where you'll be lucky to retain and practice one of the new concepts.


What is the point of learning if you don't apply it? Our programs last multiple months because we believe it takes time to grow these skills. We focus on one skill at a time before moving on to the next skill. Our accountability check-ups help you continue to focus on each skill and master it before moving on to the next.