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Retirement & Investing

A Free Webinar on What You Need to Know About Investing in Your Early Career.


In this 45-minute training, you'll walk away with tips and systems on 

Presented by Nicolai Oliden,
Founder at EngineeringYOU

Nicolai has been a civil engineer since 2008 and a Financial Coach since 2014. He has worked on a wide variety of transportation projects throughout Arizona and has helped hundreds of people pay off millions of debt and save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Through EngineeringYOU, he helps young professionals all over the country to level up at work and home. He wants everyone to discover and pursue what matters most to them and provides tools to help them live up to their full potential.

Want to go deeper? Get VIP!

Register for VIP to get access to a special Q&A session that we roll into right after the FREE LIVE event. 

You can submit questions before the event when you register or email us.

During this VIP session, we will go deeper into the topics. Example questions that may be covered are - 

- If I want to retire early, how should I invest?

- Should I hire a financial advisor or do all my investing myself?

- Is cyptocurrency a good investment for retirement?

- I have a ton of debt and no savings, should I save for retirement anyway?

- Should I save for my kids college before I save for retirement?

- I work for the government, will my pension be enough?

- What expenses should I save for in retirement?

- I don't like risk, where should I invest?

- Should I invest in real estate?

If you have a specific question you'd like to ask during this session, you can fill that out in the registration form.

In addition, VIP registrants will also receive a recording of the event and Q&A

VIP registrants should plan for an extra 40-45 minute session after the live event.

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