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Reading & Leading

Book Club 

Why Reading & Leading

Personal growth should be a top priority. Reading books should be the bare minimum effort you give to your own personal development.


We've created this book club for young professionals who want to grow, but may not know where to start.  And the best part is this book club is FREE!

You might have already started your growth journey but don't feel like you've made much progress. Your "progress" just feels like empty activity. Our group of like-minded professionals are ready for you to join us as we grow intentionally together.

Join our Reading & Leading Book Club

Thanks for joining! Be on the lookout for a welcome email with more information!

How The Book Club Works

Personal growth is so important to us that we want to help you get started on your own growth journey and we hope you fall in love with growth like we have!


You'll join our network of motivated professionals who are not satisfied with being average. They make intentional choices to level up on a consistent basis!


Each month you will receive the guided reading plans for the book we cover that month. Members will also receive a link to past reading guides.


Each week we will post discussion questions in our Private LinkedIN group

AND we will wrap up each book with an online video group discussion. 


Each month we will randomly select one Book Club Member who participates in our Group Discussions and send them the next month's book for FREE! 

Reading List

Below you'll find a list of books we have covered in our book club along with non-affiliate links to purchase on Amazon.

Start with why.jpg




July 2020

Helps us unlock the secret to outstanding achievement.

Atomic Habits.jpg

September 2020

Great advice to help us build great habits and break bad ones


June 2020

This book helps us identify what is most important and how to cut the non-essentials.

The One Thing.jpg

August 2020

Narrow our focus to the ONE thing that will make everything else easier or unnecessary.

7 Habits.jpg

May 2020

In my opinion, one of the best places to start when you are ready to dive into personal improvement.

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